Front End Loader

Front End Loader

Heavy Construction Equipment “The right tool for the job…”

A front end loader is known by many different names. These include skip loader, wheel loader, pay loader, bucket loader, shovel or scoop. This heavy equipment is used for construction and mining projects alike. The front end loader is a versatile piece of machinery, able to lift rubble, sand, builder’s sand, gravel, rock and stones for all sorts of construction projects.

The front end loader or large loader is usually mounted on massive rubber tyres, but some of the models are built on tracks. The track counterparts are more even manoeuvrable on muddy or soft ground, however they cannot drive on a road without causing damage, thus they require road transport to get it to the construction or mining project site.

When moving of earth or raw materials is the goal and ensuring that it isn’t pushed along the ground is a requirement then the front end loader is your heavy equipment of choice. This heavy diesel powered machine is able and can even be nimble in the hands of a skilled driver. This marvel of engineering is used in the farming industry to transport/move feed and grain onto a conveyor belt, railway car or feed hopper.

A counterpart of the front end loader is the smaller backhoe loader, which comes equipped with a small backhoe also called a rear actor or back actor. This makes the machine able to tackle tasks usually requiring an excavator’s boom and bucket. Diesel Machines offers this dynamic duo to all of Africa.

Anyone looking to buy used heavy construction equipment, contact us and we will promise to do our very best to get you the heavy equipment that you require for your project. Countries we serve include all the countries within the continent of Africa, and much of our operations are currently based in Gauteng, South Africa. Countries we frequently supply heavy construction equipment to are Zambia, Angola, Nigeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and South Africa of course.

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