Excavators in Action

Excavators in Action

Excavator | Heavy Construction Equipment

Excavators are amazingly versatile machines, able to turn almost any site into a construction ready piece of land in a matter of days. Excavators are also used heavily in open cast mining, keeping the massive dumper trucks moving with their loads of valuable ore. The track mounted, diesel powered machine is able to access almost any terrain, clearing a path with the massive boom, stick and bucket if and when necessary. This has made it very popular in the forestry industry, where moving massively heavy logs becomes child’s play for a skilled technician with his excavator.

An excavator is known by many different names. Some of these include mechanical shovels, diggers, 360-degree excavators and even JCB’s. JCB is the original developer of the excavator design and they were the first to start manufacturing these durable and capable machines. Since then they have become a household name in the industry for the excavator.

All excavators have the same general design, even though they vary in size from the Caterpillar’s mini excavator weighing one ton, to the massive machines used in open cast mining weighing up to 1000 tonnes. There is a variation in design between the traditional hydraulic excavators and the cable operated excavators. Both achieve the same function, however the mode of operation is fundamentally different.

Whether you are looking to start a construction project or are in charge of an open cast mining operation, then excavators are crucial to getting the job done on time. Perhaps you are even in the forestry industry and require a truly versatile machine. An excavator could be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Ensure you get the right attachment for the job to ensure you get the job done with maximum efficiency. There is the traditional bucket or scoop, a grapple, an auger or a breaker. Each attachment can be connected to the excavator by a quick coupler. This makes changing the tools for the job a quick and relatively simple task. Diesel Machines service all of Africa and can get you the Heavy Equipment that you need for the job.

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