Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe Loaders | Earth Movers in Africa

Backhoe loaders are small but versatile machines able to use the backhoe or bucket as well as the front loader to move earth. The driver sits on a swivelling seat enabling him to be facing whichever of the TLB’s attachments that he is currently using. This 2 in 1 ability of the backhoe loader makes it an extremely sought after machine for smaller construction and site clearing tasks. The dual ability to dig with the backhoe and to move earth and other debris with the front loader means that this machine is a jack of all trades, instead of a master of one like the excavator or the bulldozer.

Because of its smaller size the backhoe loader is a more cost effective solution for general construction equipment needs. The backhoe may not have the power or bucket size of the excavator and the front loader, so some tasks may be a bit out of its depth. The backhoe may be smaller and have less horse power, but it is a machine that is eager to work and get the task done.

Also known as a back actor, rear actor or TLB, the backhoe loader is classified as excavating equipment and can move earth very well for such a small machine. Backhoe’s can either be 2 wheel drive, or 4 wheel drive. They also vary in size from 6 tonnes to 12 tonnes depending on the make and model. Please ensure you have the right one for your particular task.

The backhoe is categorised as heavy construction equipment and is produced by a number of manufacturers, including CAT, CASE, JCB, John Deere, Hitachi, New Holland, Mahindra and Komatsu. We supply all makes and models of backhoe loaders and you can get in touch with us to setup a meeting to discuss logistics and costing. We service all of Africa with all kinds of heavy construction equipment and will do our very best to get you the most competitive price for the machine you need. Speak to us today. Call JayJay on 076 584 7890 or email

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